Sunday, October 16, 2011

photoshoots + etcetera

today was a long day for the girls & i at Secrets Fashion Agency, we had a 10AM photocall for an upcoming fashion show. then the tables were turned on us as we were put in front of the cameras for the I AM MPLS promo shoot. last year, i covered the event so i got to see firsthand just how amazingly vast the talent was. with that being said, it's such an honor for us to be nominated for this year's show. plus, it's produced by one of my favorite people in mpls - Sarah Edwards, who btw, has killer style (lusting after the leopard print kimono and strappy boots she had on today!!). 

here are some fun candids from a day in the life... check back on the Secrets Fashion Agency blog in a couple days for a sneak peek of the actual looks. enjoy!! 

xx. davee

Mel & her infamous sprout
mina & jj doing make-up... and playing hide & seek apparently
angel showcasing her famous, near-perfect curls 
mel observing, mina eating = the yoozh
i lurve my scalloped otk illusion tights..
..just a bit sad that i don't possess the same skin colour as the mannequins.. LOL, sarah asked if these were tattoos.. haha! love it.
Taylor Tupy: amazing photographer/tiara-wearing, thumb-sucking fetish princess 
we're out of our element here: in front of the green screen at the I AM MPLS promo shoot @pixel farm

photos c/o Angel, Mel, myself & Sarah Edwards