Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pattern Overload.

photos are selfies

plaid/checked shirt: hand-me-down from sasha | floral skinnies: topshop | kitten heel slingbacks: sam edelman | tribal duster: h&m

i got stacks - stacks of patterns! i got dressed with ms. sarah edwards in mind - the queen of mixing prints herself. it was only appropriate as this outfit took me from her celebratory brunch (in honor of her huge star tribune front page feature in today's paper) to a super fun photoshoot with michael dodes of millcitymen. (sorry for the clutter... i really have no excuse except that i am a horrendously messy & sloppy person. winning attributes, i know.)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back to Cool.

collage made on polyvore

i recently started contributing to thriftymoment as a fashion correspondent. wanted to share the first post + accompanying collage i made with you guys. read the rest of it here to find out my picks for achieving back to school cool. you know, the same kind of coolness the peeps loitering in front ace hotel nyc ooze, like je ne sais quoi. enjoy! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Iveys.

photos are selfies

jumpsuit: claire ward | watch: michael kors | cuff: h&m

claire ward has been on my radar since last year's u of m senior fashion show. her pieces are utterly unforgettable, so you can imagine my excitement when i read her name in the designer lineup for this fall's envision artopia. as a stylist at the show, i got a sneak peek at her new collection and it was love at first sight..again(the first time being with her debut collection). 

i literally had a straight off the runway experience as claire was kind enough to lend me this jumpsuit for the ivey awards last night. i originally wore it with the embellished red vest that goes with but sadly snapping it on is a two-man job and i only had myself today. :( these pics just don't do her craft justice so you can view more photos from her new collection here (i also really love the white shift dress embellished with pom poms and the black trapeze dress). dare i say, claire ward is the new local it designer? 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The In-Between.

photos by michael dodes of millcitymen

flannel: uniqlo | crop top(underneath): ecote | skirt: bcbg max azria | booties: opening ceremony | socks: uniqlo | sunnies: karen walker | rings: h&m/francesca's | duffel bag: herschel supply co.

slowly transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall and this is the result: layers, the introduction of boots and adding socks to everything, meanwhile still clinging onto shorter hemlines (and summer). i'm hoping to get in one last swim at the pool, but with #mspfw in full swing, not sure i'll get that chance. oh and just so you know, the 'fro is only temporary - i kept it in for a full week. slightly amazing, slightly gross considering how long i went without washing my hair on top of wearing this flannel every day this past week. i'm so appealing, aren't i? :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Release you.

photo by michael dodes of millcitymen
hair & makeup by amber heckert

i'm annoyingly huge on quotes, the interpretation of dreams, spiritual stuff and this past weekend apparently - tarot cards. my tarot card reader? a gal holding a can of PBR at a house-warming party. this would normally be a recipe for hilarity and all things non-serious, but at the flip of each card came an explanation that read me like a book. and as generic and vague as it might've been, it told me everything i needed to know in two words: let go.

and who would i be if i didn't leave you with yet another quote? this time, from our childhood friend - winnie (da pooh). 

how lucky i am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard? 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


photos are selfies

crop top: Ecote (hand me down) | maxi dress: Bar III | neon necklace: H&M 

as a stylist i should be better equipped to handle this wardrobe malfunction but my only remedy to a dress that leaves little to the imagination is simply wrapping a flannel around my waist (when at work). thanks to taylor tomasi hill and MKA, it looked less stupid than it did semi-cool it girl-ish...or maybe this is purely my imagination. either way, it worked out. 

i figured you guys were sick of looking at the pool as a backdrop so i decided to switch it up & share the view i wake up to every morning. not mad at this at all. #freshprinceofbelair 

*also, i wanted to share a little tribute i came across to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 in the form i favor most - that of a love story. x

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Socks, Sandals + Flannels.

photos are selfies

flannel: Uniqlo | skirt: H&M | socks: Uniqlo | heels: Zara | bangles: Flat Iron Flea Mkt NYC | dufflebag: Herschel Supply Co. from Askov

i think everyone pretty much knows that uniqlo has the best basics. picked up this super soft flannel + 2 purr of cozy socks for a winter that may not come considering the weather we're having right now (crossing fingers).

according to anna wintour, the combination of socks + sandals were one of the worst things ever created (only second after kim kardashian), but quite frankly - i like this pairing. though, i couldn't have picked a worse day to wear a cozy flannel and knit socks, sweating my makeup off in here. fashion over function (or common sense) any day though. #keepittrill

Monday, September 9, 2013


photos by Michael Dodes of Mill City Men

blouse: Zara | shorts: L'Agence from Arrow | kitten heel sling backs: Sam Edelman | bag: Francesca's (not Celine, more like Celine Dion) | glasses: c/o See Eye Wear 

my old roomie pointed out that i am on my phone in every picture in this post. excuse my manners, this was not actually supposed to be a blogpost. michael was merely using me as an object to photograph while location-scouting for an actual photoshoot. apparently, when shot as a prop, i end up looking great. michael said it best, "i don't know how you managed to look so good in here." #witch

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Bey-Day!

photos by michael dodes of mill city men
make-up + hair by amber heckert
special appearance by sweet, sweet chuckie (bka charlie)

[outfit 1] vest: zara | bodysuit: american apparel | heels: zara | cuff: h&m
[outfit 2] vintage braves jersey: patricia field nyc | heels: steve madden | hat: coal headwear from martinpatrick3 | sunnies: karen walker | clutch: shoemint
[outfit 3] blazer + matching shorts: h&m | heels: steve madden | sunnies: karen walker | tote: h&m

in honor of bey-day, i wanted to share a preview of a photoshoot where i accidentally ended up looking like the halfrican queen beysus. totally not our intention at all, but once the 'fro was formed - there was no turning back. enjoy + happy bey day - hope you're celebrating with a heavy rotation of beyonce on your playlist! x.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sweater Weather.

photos are selfies

sweater: surface to air from arrow | shirt dress(underneath): aqua | heels: zara | tote: francesca's | wallet: A.P.C. | watch: michael kors

woke up this morning to horrendously chilly weather so i threw on my favorite sweater, meanwhile completely forgetting to put pants on.