Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

denim on denim on denim

i have to apologize in advance because this is going to be a really long post. my little sister has awesome photography skills, i just couldn't choose only two or three favorites! oh & ps, sorry for the wrinkly clothes-- apparently i don't believe in irons or steamers. it adds to the "i just got out of bed look" non? and of course, charlie had to make another cameo (excuse her dirty face, she likes to bury it in the snow for some reason). pps. how exciting is it that this is my FIRST outdoor outfit post?! :)

scarf, bag, belt: h&m, western style denim shirt: american eagle (stole from my little sister's closet), destroyed skinnies: urban outfitters, splotchy denim brogues: rachel roy, gold swarovski crystal 2 finger ring: erica anenberg, other rings: f21, double pyramid studded brooch: madewell, watch: swiss army

Sunday, January 23, 2011

set fire to the rain

Yesterday, Secrets Fashion Agency interviewed the amazingly-talented Gerald Edwards Jr. of NSOD Clothing. He is so awesome, he deserves a whole blog post to himself, which I will be posting on the Secrets blog later tonight, complete with pictures-- so check that out. Anyway, here is what I wore to Gerald's Spring 2011 launch/interview party last night. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE prints, and this Navajo print sweater is no exception. The necklace pictured above is one of my favorite pieces of all time, I get compliments every time I wear it, I have never had to buff or clean it once & it still shines like it's brand new (I got it 7 years ago!). Oh & that's my lovely dog Charlie-- just wanted to show you that she's always in fashion too with her little leather & logo Coach collar. <3's her. 

sweater: h&m, grey raglan sweatshirt & legwarmers: AA, light-washed destroyed skinnies: urbn outffitters (silence & noise), OTK boots: bakers, necklaces: gifted from the boyf & coworker, rings: f21, cuffs & watch: fringe, saks fifth ave, swiss army gifted from dad.

Friday, January 21, 2011

closer to love

jack the cat (taken by my little sister, pammy)

just playing around with the close-up lens that has been collecting dust in my camera case. decided to practice on my wrist-essentials after mina gave me a mini SLR lesson via text message, "just hold camera really still & then shoot" LOL. i wear these religiously even though 5 days out of the week, i am wearing a lab coat, not exactly the most complimentary ensemble for my babies but what can you do? & the last picture is of jack, my little sister's (really annoying) cat. and according to my parents-- he also goes by the name of 'michael YACKson' (my mum can't say her j's) & 'jackie'.

from L-R (2nd picture)- gold bow-tie bracelet: h&m (sfa friendship bracelet), patterned gold/black cuff: guess gifted from angel-a, brown/gold cuff: saks fifth ave, mixed toned watch: swiss army gifted from dad, black hermes-inspired cuff: fringe boutique

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

like no one's watching you

mina, doing what she was born to do, STYLE !

photos directed/shot by angel-A
some more snapshots from the SFA team photoshoot from my camera. i am just about the worst model in the world, but somehow angel managed to make me look half-decent to say the least. i especially dislike the second picture but i really wanted you guys to see the shoes. aren't they TDF? the modern version of cinderella's glass slipper + ombre heel to match my ombre hair... i always knew i was a princess :) my new favorite piece of jewelry at the moment is that jade ring, cheap but oh-so-perfect with any outfit, dressed up or down.

again, thank you to Mel from BM Photograph for lending your time and your talent & all the boutiques that generously borrowed their amazing pieces to SFA.

velvet mixed dress: drama boutique, black hermes look-alike cuff, mixed tone ring & silver serpent cuff: fringe boutique, mixed tone watch: swiss army gifted from dad, jade ring: f21, green pendant earrings: angel's, shoes: marc jacobs

Monday, January 17, 2011

behind the secrets

melly beans practicing pretty poses

angel & susie hustlin'

mel's red-hot wedges

shoes galore

fringe accessories table, or what's left of it after styling the 1st outfits

mina beans doin' jj's lashes

clothing rack from bumbershute & drama (someone buy me the tapered sweats plz)

one of angel's tables (& her beautiful vintage phone as a prop)

my table, not complete without the coffee
after being postponed because of the holidays and such, sfa had our first team photo shoot this past weekend! the weather tried to derail us but 12 hours later & it was a done deal. each girl had their own table (or two, in angel's case) where we set up all our accessories, clothes, purses, hosiery, etcetera. multiply that by six & mayhem was sure to ensue. clothes were borrowed to us by Drama Boutique & bumbershute, and accessories from fringe boutique. the concept of the shoot was created by mina & mels, the two resident stylists of sfa, makeup by our beauty guru susie boo & lovely locks provided by the big boss angel-a. lastly, photography was done by bm photograph llc -- a big thanks to all of our collaborators. can't wait to see the finished product.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

a few of my favorite things..

like wine, these balenciaga babies circa 2004, just get better with age

if u know me well, u know my favorite thing to do is.. not match

again, who knew mixing patterns could be so classic?

taylor tomasi hill, my #1 girl-crush

fail-safe outfit

pics via jakandjil

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

black & blue & company

I'm trying to get into the habit of waking up early enough before work (instead of the usual 30 minutes before I have to go) so that I can actually put some thought into my outfit of the day. Scrubs would suffice, except that I don't own any & they're pretty damn expenso if you ask me. That 30-60 dollars could well go towards a pair of sale shoes, accessory or something more fashionable, no? Easiest way to make an outfit an actual outfit? ACCESSORIZE. The homies & I are trying to step out of the mediocre, so we don't do friendship bracelets, but rather friendship CUFFS. Holla. Oh, sorry in advance for the crotch shots, focus on the accessories, not the 'toe.

Shirt, scarf, belt, bag: h&m, tuxedo skinnies: jonathan saunders for target, grey wedges: charlotte russe, cuffs/bracelets: guess (from angel-a), saks fifth ave, h&m, rings: f21 & my own, nail polish: OPI in jade is the new black (from mina beans)