Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pops of Neon.

photos c/o Daniel Lalli

neon skinnies: PacSun, blazer: Zara(old), boy's flannel: Target(old), tshirt: sxsw circa 2011, pumps: Zara(current), watch: M. Kors

Today's post was inspired by my favorite redhead (Taylor Tomasi Hill). From the ponytail to the blazer to the throwback style of tying your flannel around your waist - gotta appreciate the little details she puts into everything she wears/does. At first glance, I thought the neon skinnies were a little juvenile, but they fit like a glove & finding pants that fit me right now is a real rarity. :( Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather we had today - on a rooftop, perhaps?
xx D.

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