Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stylists Styling Stylists.

photos by Michael Haug
styling by Sarah Edwards + myself
makeup by Miki Sautbine
hair by Heather Niederjohn

What would Beyonce do (WWBD)? I don't know, but I totally think she may or may not have paired an evening dress with a 5 panel. For no other reason than for the pure pleasure of creating, Sarah decided she wanted to do a shoot inspired by B. and I do have to say these photos make me wanna put a ring on it. Just a little. Hop on over to L'etoile to read up on a Q&A we did on this spread.


  1. This is effin' badass and so is B. I love her. Love the faces she's making here, haha!

    xo Ashley

  2. Seriously digging look #2.The patterns and textures are so right together. And absolutely something that Bey would rock. Great styling!