Thursday, October 3, 2013

All Black, Everything.

photos are selfies

cashmere turtleneck: bebe | skirt: t x alexander wang | wedges: vera wang lavender | 5 panel hat: profound aesthetic

in relation to my wearing of two fashion labels with the last name 'wang', i originally wanted to title this post something along the lines of "wang on wang" "wang vs wang" or "black wangs" but i'm sure that would invite some unwanted visitors. on the other hand, it may have ended up getting the highest CTR (click thru rate) on any of my blogposts yet. needless to say, they would've been thoroughly disappointed to find nothing of that nature on here. :/ 

also, #dirtyhurrdontcurr. i'm a huge advocate of dry shampoo, currently using psssst! & i also really love lulu organics hair powder. what's your favorite? 

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