Tuesday, February 11, 2014

the show must go on.

a couple things:

even though the future of mnfashion & the official msp fw are up in the air, the show(s) must go on. if you're flying solo this valentine's day or like me, could care less about this over-commercialized holiday & more looking forward to the season 2 premiere of house of cards than some grocery store-bought flowers and cheap chocolates, then add this to your vday itinerary: the black hearts ball. this show will feature some of our favorite local designers - old and new, including danielle everine, laura faulk and rachel roff.

saturday marks the return of the always anticipated u of m senior fashion show - this year better known as align. catch me at the sidelines with my fashion besties (sarah & michael) probably collectively lusting over lindsey dewitt's latest collection while aggressively live-tweeting with harper's bazaar fashion emojis.

sunday i'll be on the flipside of the fashion show at the red dress collection and participating as a model instead of a stylist behind the curtains. i know, i'm worried too (someone cue j. alexander, i need help). i'll sacrifice my dignity for a good cause any day though, for this particular occasion - the american heart association's go red for women program. all seats are sold out, but general admission is still available. join us as we paint the runway red!

 design/model pairing for the red dress collection, photo c/o realia by jen (swag bags from the show will include specially made jewels by realia x red dress)
sneak peek of my little red dress by super talented knitwear designer mary pranica

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