Monday, February 28, 2011


sometimes i just like to keep it simple & dress like a man. trousers, pleats, button-ups can be oh so fashionable (and comfortable). today's outfit was inspired by one of my SFA girls, Mel-- and no, she is not a man or manly in any type of way (lol), but she wore a pair of similar trousers to Friday's photoshoot and paired it with the perfect sheer button-up. thanks to my SFA girls for being a daily source of fashion inspiration. xxo

olive green button up- stole from dad's closet, silk trousers- express, rings & black genie pants (underneath for extra warmth)- f21, greige (grey & beige) pumps- calvin klein, belt - h&m, faux fur- free people, glasses- chanel, bag- from tj maxx from a long time ago (wanna-be balenciaga motorcycle bag)


  1. buahahaha! dood... i thought i did an awesome job of hiding it lmao

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