Monday, March 28, 2011

the daily

sorry for the sudden leave of absence. my colleagues (Secrets Fashion Agency) & i have been busy putting together the finishing touches to our fashion show. 3 weeks and counting. eeeeek. & we have also just returned from SXSW's first ever, Style X event, where we met some amazing designers, other entrepreneurs, fashion reporters/bloggers and oh yeah, the amazing chloe dao (project runway winner season two)! seriously though, they really do live up to their reputation down there, because it was nothing but southern hospitality 247. as soon as the craziness from the fashion show is over, i promise to post pics up from austin & a new outfit post.

the following: just some pics i've stored in my "i love u" folder on my itouch that i've been meaning to post & i hate to do this, but some of them are from months ago so i can't remember exactly where they came from. yikes. i hate not accrediting the approps. :( oh & some pics i stole from various ppl from tx.

favorite way to wear sweats: w/high heels


dapper & details: obsessed with the immaculate tailoring that comes with menswear due to one of the designers featured in our fashion show Ninh Nguyen <3

 braid my hair. like this.someone. please.
 all white, errything.
 mismatched & perfect.
<3 this girl. been waiting for it to get warmer so i can actually put on my pointy-toed stiletto heels and wear them with everything. especially my boy cut destroyed tomboy shorts. agh.

kate winslet, hi, when did u become so awesome? 

 offices of net-a-porter. kind of reminds me of wallstreet, which is why i have to ask, can i work here, please?
apologies for the iphone quality- greetings from tx.. this was me before all the tanning i did down there. LOL smh
 courtesy of furfaceboy
 we rilly loved the keds booth, totally unaware of the actual sxsw booth lol.
 escaping the heat
 too genius.
mina & i trying to act natural while lisa squirts us with a watergun that sxsw was handing out to passersby, we walked by a girl that demanded us to "shoot her" LOL. 

we miss you austin, tx!



  1. oooo NA NA... please do pleeeeeeeeeease :) can u do it for the show? thanks love ya. ooo na na , i like my hurr!

  2. oooo!!! I wanna try doing that braid on someone haha. and I totally agree with you on the Kate Winslet comment

  3. she's always been hawt, but even more so in this pic.. HAWLA!