Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Zero Two

Sorry for the lack of posts -- planning my sister's babyshower took over my entire life, not to mention sucked my wallet dry. :( But totally worth it! Not wearing anything too exciting today because the temps in the 'sota are currently at 102 degrees. Yet, I still find a reason to put on a sweater.. Wanted to show you a few of my favorite new things, braided friendship bracelets which was the most recent SFA SOTW and tribal beaded bracelets. xxo - Davee 

sweater: Free People, red shorts: UO, beaded tribal bracelet: gifted/made by my sister, pink braided friendship bracelet: Target, watch: Swiss Army, lipstick: Max Factor #175 sprinkled with MAC beauty powder in 'Natural Flare', hair by Marina Moua @Moxie Hair Salon


  1. ..you took my bracelet that was made for me by my bestfriends. lolwth

  2. Buahahha I swear sapphire made this when she was sick and gave to me... Or was it all my imagination? Hahah o welp, u never wear it so it's mine now :)

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