Wednesday, September 11, 2013


photos are selfies

crop top: Ecote (hand me down) | maxi dress: Bar III | neon necklace: H&M 

as a stylist i should be better equipped to handle this wardrobe malfunction but my only remedy to a dress that leaves little to the imagination is simply wrapping a flannel around my waist (when at work). thanks to taylor tomasi hill and MKA, it looked less stupid than it did semi-cool it girl-ish...or maybe this is purely my imagination. either way, it worked out. 

i figured you guys were sick of looking at the pool as a backdrop so i decided to switch it up & share the view i wake up to every morning. not mad at this at all. #freshprinceofbelair 

*also, i wanted to share a little tribute i came across to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 in the form i favor most - that of a love story. x

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  1. nice look <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa