Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Iveys.

photos are selfies

jumpsuit: claire ward | watch: michael kors | cuff: h&m

claire ward has been on my radar since last year's u of m senior fashion show. her pieces are utterly unforgettable, so you can imagine my excitement when i read her name in the designer lineup for this fall's envision artopia. as a stylist at the show, i got a sneak peek at her new collection and it was love at first sight..again(the first time being with her debut collection). 

i literally had a straight off the runway experience as claire was kind enough to lend me this jumpsuit for the ivey awards last night. i originally wore it with the embellished red vest that goes with but sadly snapping it on is a two-man job and i only had myself today. :( these pics just don't do her craft justice so you can view more photos from her new collection here (i also really love the white shift dress embellished with pom poms and the black trapeze dress). dare i say, claire ward is the new local it designer?