Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Socks, Sandals + Flannels.

photos are selfies

flannel: Uniqlo | skirt: H&M | socks: Uniqlo | heels: Zara | bangles: Flat Iron Flea Mkt NYC | dufflebag: Herschel Supply Co. from Askov

i think everyone pretty much knows that uniqlo has the best basics. picked up this super soft flannel + 2 purr of cozy socks for a winter that may not come considering the weather we're having right now (crossing fingers).

according to anna wintour, the combination of socks + sandals were one of the worst things ever created (only second after kim kardashian), but quite frankly - i like this pairing. though, i couldn't have picked a worse day to wear a cozy flannel and knit socks, sweating my makeup off in here. fashion over function (or common sense) any day though. #keepittrill

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