Monday, January 17, 2011

behind the secrets

melly beans practicing pretty poses

angel & susie hustlin'

mel's red-hot wedges

shoes galore

fringe accessories table, or what's left of it after styling the 1st outfits

mina beans doin' jj's lashes

clothing rack from bumbershute & drama (someone buy me the tapered sweats plz)

one of angel's tables (& her beautiful vintage phone as a prop)

my table, not complete without the coffee
after being postponed because of the holidays and such, sfa had our first team photo shoot this past weekend! the weather tried to derail us but 12 hours later & it was a done deal. each girl had their own table (or two, in angel's case) where we set up all our accessories, clothes, purses, hosiery, etcetera. multiply that by six & mayhem was sure to ensue. clothes were borrowed to us by Drama Boutique & bumbershute, and accessories from fringe boutique. the concept of the shoot was created by mina & mels, the two resident stylists of sfa, makeup by our beauty guru susie boo & lovely locks provided by the big boss angel-a. lastly, photography was done by bm photograph llc -- a big thanks to all of our collaborators. can't wait to see the finished product.


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