Monday, January 24, 2011

denim on denim on denim

i have to apologize in advance because this is going to be a really long post. my little sister has awesome photography skills, i just couldn't choose only two or three favorites! oh & ps, sorry for the wrinkly clothes-- apparently i don't believe in irons or steamers. it adds to the "i just got out of bed look" non? and of course, charlie had to make another cameo (excuse her dirty face, she likes to bury it in the snow for some reason). pps. how exciting is it that this is my FIRST outdoor outfit post?! :)

scarf, bag, belt: h&m, western style denim shirt: american eagle (stole from my little sister's closet), destroyed skinnies: urban outfitters, splotchy denim brogues: rachel roy, gold swarovski crystal 2 finger ring: erica anenberg, other rings: f21, double pyramid studded brooch: madewell, watch: swiss army


  1. I liikeee your camera! and your little sister is a pretty good photographer! haha.
    ABSOLUTELY love the DENIM ON DENIM look on you, not many people can pull it off as well as you do, miss Davee! ;)


  2. thank you maree! u are truly my #1 fan :) thanks for reading love!

  3. Love these!! youve got great style, did you just start blogging?
    you have a new follower!