Wednesday, January 19, 2011

like no one's watching you

mina, doing what she was born to do, STYLE !

photos directed/shot by angel-A
some more snapshots from the SFA team photoshoot from my camera. i am just about the worst model in the world, but somehow angel managed to make me look half-decent to say the least. i especially dislike the second picture but i really wanted you guys to see the shoes. aren't they TDF? the modern version of cinderella's glass slipper + ombre heel to match my ombre hair... i always knew i was a princess :) my new favorite piece of jewelry at the moment is that jade ring, cheap but oh-so-perfect with any outfit, dressed up or down.

again, thank you to Mel from BM Photograph for lending your time and your talent & all the boutiques that generously borrowed their amazing pieces to SFA.

velvet mixed dress: drama boutique, black hermes look-alike cuff, mixed tone ring & silver serpent cuff: fringe boutique, mixed tone watch: swiss army gifted from dad, jade ring: f21, green pendant earrings: angel's, shoes: marc jacobs


  1. You still look gorgeous, regardless Davee! :)
    I really like that velvet dress on you and that jade ring! Mmmm LOVEEE!!


  2. thanks maree! :) im so jeals that you're in pa-ree! lmk when ur back so u can tell me all about it!!! xxo

  3. haha, you sooo have to come here one day. you will LOVE it! Just two more months left, and i'm getting sad already just thinking about it *sniffles.
    i'll def be keeping up with your posts! you're always sooo fashionably cute! <3


  4. i have been to paris, but on sucky circumstances (for my uncle's funeral) but i didn't get to explore on my own, but Paris is where I snagged my first designer bag (Dior!) hehe. ok, can't wait til ur back, enjoy the rest of ur trip & thanks for reading my blog love! xxo